Information | Regency | Richmond, Virgina

Regency is centrally located in the heart of Richmond’s West End. The mall is anchored by the market’s flagships JCPenney. Regency features a comprehensive mix of fashion and lifestyle retailers including Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Russe, Sephora, and XXI Forever. Regency also features an extensive Food Court offering shoppers a variety of dining options.

Free WiFi
Shoppers have access to FREE WiFi throughout the shopping center.


Complimentary Strollers
Strollers are available at no charge. They are located on the lower level at the Play Area.  Please be considerate and return strollers when you have finished shopping.

Complimentary Wheelchairs
Wheelchairs are available at no charge. Please call the Security Office at (804) 741-5149 for assistance.

Lost & Found
Please report any lost or found item(s) to the Security Office. Lost and Found item(s) are held in the Security Office (804) 741-5149 for assistance.

The restrooms are located in The Food Court on the lower level and in The Family Lounge on the upper level near Entrance 4.

The elevator is located near The Food Court beside the stairs. Elevators are also located in JCPenney and The Food Court.

Pay Phones
Pay phones are located at Entrance #5 at The Food Court.

Holiday Hours
Regency hosts extended shopping hours for your convenience during the holiday season (November – December).

Regency is closed on the following holidays:
Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

For your convenience, parking poles are identified with color-coded numbers. Regency also offers well-lit, covered parking not found at any other area mall.

Bus Services
The Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) bus stop is located on the western side of the mall facing Starling Drive. Buses begin operating to Regency from downtown at 6:12 a.m. each morning. The buses leave approximately every thirty minutes up until 6:50 p.m. Buses do not run on holidays or weekends.

Only service dogs are allowed in the center.