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Regency Redevelopment

Regency was purchased in a joint venture by two local development companies  – The Rebkee Company and Thalhimer Realty Partners, Inc. (TRP) in February of 2015. Co-managers of the center’s ownership Rob Hargett, Partner at Rebkee and Mark Slusher, Senior Vice President with TRP bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the retail industry. They are excited to bring the best possible retailers to the Tuckahoe area over the next few years.  The shopping center is working in concert with Henrico County with the demolition of the Quioccasin Road flyover which passes over one of the mall’s entrances. The north parking deck has been removed to increase visibility and create an opportunity for outside entertainment and dining.  The 30 million dollar renovation includes the addition of Chipotle and MOD Pizza.  Environmentally conscious Starbucks will repurpose the former Bank of America building. 

The master plan provides for almost 44,000 SF of new retail development, a 12,000 SF two level retail building with rooftop dining, and four outparcel development sites. The most significant feature is the construction of a new signature entrance from Quioccasin Road and the creation of an exterior façade of stores facing outward. The current configuration orients all stores inward toward an interior common area.

Regency will continue to operate during the construction process and its management is working with the County and its tenants to minimize the burden that a major road project will have on its customers. The road project is being designed to minimize the construction time period and there will be on site logistics in place to show our customers how to successfully navigate around the construction work. This road project, together with our other development plans and prospective tenants will be truly transformative for Regency.

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New Signature Entrance 


2018 Chipotle and MOD Pizza early development

Parking lot and Quioccasin Road Improvements



2017 Quioccasin Road Improvements

Quioccasin Bridge/Flyover Demolition